Art Club - for art lovers and artists

The purpose of an art club is to promote art and develop the appreciation of good art to the members. Most art clubs are nonprofit. The first art clubs in the 19th century were founded by artists but nowadays it is also very popular that art lovers form a club.

One of the oldest art clubs in America is the Boston Art Club that was founded in 1854 by local artists. There first exhibition was a great success, so popular that several paintings were stolen and never found. The club had in 2007 over 250 members.
Dulwich Picture Gallery, the first public art gallery in Britain, openened already in 1814. Therefore a lot of arts clubs wer founded in England in the 19th century. The most famous is The Arts Club that was founded 1863 by Charles Dickens among others. The Arts Club became a popular meeting place for artists and writers and was ab art hub in the 19th century.

Most famous in Japan is Tokyo Art Club that resides in a scyscraper located near Shinbashi station.   



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